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I need a new challenge and am looking for a  career change.  

For the last 18 years I have been the Executive Director of the Society of Professional Engineers and Professional Engineering Placements. It has become impossible to continue on a full time basis, because of the S.A. Government  policies ( Affirmative Action, BEE and the Labour Laws ),  which prevent Qualified and Professional people being appointed to any top positions in South Africa unless they are so called previously disadvantaged. This is destroying the Engineering Profession in South Africa.  

All the top appointments are now going to these persons with questionable qualifications, pre and post apartheid criminal records and we read about them daily in our press. Companies are not interested  in genuine Qualifications as long as it is a BEE appointment.

As a Society we have uncovered massive numbers of fraudulent certificates and qualifications, but nobody seems to be concerned. 

Any Engineer who has Qualified after 1994, or any person who has registered as a Pr.Eng in S.A. after 1994, should be viewed as suspect, because of the up marking of results at High School and at University to have a good pass result of candidates, ( 8-15% ). 

I am looking for a career change where my Management and Marketing ability, including Retail and Investigations, can be used, preferably not in the Engineering Profession, but would still consider it.  

I would welcome being appointed as a Non Executive Director of a Company. 

My CV can be viewed on Linkedin

E.mail the Director @     



Moeletsi Mbeki   (Thabo Mbeki's brother)

South Africa: Only a matter of time before the bomb explodes

Down Load PDF File ( 220 KB )

Cell C Taken to ICASA by the Professional Engineers

Case Number GAU 4286 / 11

Cell C complaint filed with ICASA of the 14th January 2012

Cell C PDF File of Complaints on for the month of May 2012

Picture Taken at 07:36 AM 6th June 2012

Att : Mr Simon Duffy Chairman and CEO  of Cell C

The Executive Director Requests an urgent meeting with you ( Mr Simon Duffy ) to sort the Signal Problems affecting the Sandton / Bryanston / Rivonia Areas and other areas. About 10,000 people are affected by this ongoing Signal problem. Despite daily emails to your office you have failed to respond or sort out the Problem which continues daily.

Please Visit : to view full Complaint.



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Don't waste your time using Employment Companies when looking for Engineering Staff.

Come straight to us for your requirements.

Employment companies phone us daily looking for staff, after they have received your brief. 

The Society for Professional Engineers and their Placement Company  Professional Engineering Placements  ( PEP ) are the source of all Engineers. 

We have 200 white Professional Engineers with one or two or 3 degrees on our books who are currently out of work because of Affirmative Action From Denel, Telkom, Group Five, Sasol,  Murray Roberts etc.

We have 200 Black Qualified Engineers who are out work on our books.

We have 20 black qualified Engineers from ESKOM who want to leave because there is no future for them in South Africa or ESKOM

We have a number of Electronic Engineers from Telkom,  Cell C,  M Web etc looking for better positions as they see no future in their Current Companies.

We have 1500-2000 Students from Technikons who have completed their Studies and need the 6 months Practical Experience to get their final Certification. Most are waiters at restaurants , waiting for an appointment. ( What a waste of Technical Education )

Come to us for qualified staff, and Support the Professional Body.

If you want to do Window Dressing with ''Engineers '' with false qualifications, DON'T Call us as we cannot help you.

E.mail the Director @     



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