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The Eskom Disaster was caused by Eskom - Engineering Council ( ECSA ) and The South African Government - All the Top Names were involved and nobody took any notice. Who is to blame, read my reports which go back to 1996 ?

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Ms. Mary Metcalfe, the then MEC for Education and Dr Ben Ngabane in 1996.

We sent emails to the State Presidents office.( see email dated 31st October 2005 )

We circulated letters to Mr Tony Leon of the DA. and other Government officials

We sent Letters and emails  to the Presidents and Executive Officers of all the Engineering Institutes in SA.

We sent letters and had meetings with the Registrar of ECSA Mr Paul Roux,and sent copies of my findings to the President of ECSA ( Mr Bob Pullin )at that time, who stated that he “could not concur with our findings”. 

Copies of the reports and presentations in 2005 to the late Dr James Hlongwane the Chairman of NSTF ( founded in 1995 and achieved nothing to date ) and to his successor Ms Jansie Niehaus (wife of Karl Niehaus) in September 2006.  She was appointed Head of the National Science and Technology Forum and has failed to address the problem in SA.  Her background being a Mathematics and English lecturer). 

Presentations were made to Mr Alan Morgan the CEO of ESKOM in 2000, who asked me to see  Mr. Thulani Gcabashe.  He palmed us off on one of his underlings  Mr. Gladmann Nika  as he did not believe there was a crisis in SA!

This meeting on the 7th March 2000 centered around the large number of ESCOM Engineers who had false Qualifications. He ordered me out of his office after I produced a membership application form by way of example of Employee of the National Electricity Regulator who had a reference from Mr. Thulani Gcabashe and had a false M.Sc and B.Com (Hon) degrees. His duties were advising the Government on Electrical Standards.


One of the bigger issues still unanswered by ECSA, who are tasked with accrediting Universities to maintain their International standards to International requirements, is that they have condoned the upward marking of previously disadvantaged students so that marginal students can pass.

This is an extremely dangerous practice since 1994 and we believe that these students should re-sit their exams, supervised by International monitors. (See Report on web site)

To this date ECSA and their attorney have not responded. 

So stand up and be Counted - The South African Society of Professional Engineers warned you all of this. The Only Action taken was a Lawyers Letter from The Engineering Council.



The South African Post Office is in a complete shambles.

We as a Professional Body are faced with a Problem of Communication with our Members who have not given us their email addresses. We have posted out our accounts 3 times since November 2014 and it is clear that a number of our members could not have received them. Please contact the office as shown below and give us your email address. Many Thanks. Our Control Postings have not been received by us.


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Post Office's court bid fails to unfreeze bank accounts as creditors line up  ( Click to Read )





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