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High Level Representation

We ensure that the professional engineer is well represented in all the appropriate policy making forums in the country.

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International Recognition Continuing Education
Business Leadership Roles Career Guidance
Remuneration Improvement

Promotion of the Image of International Professional Engineers

SPE promotes activities and events that enhance the visibility of the Engineer in Industry and Society.  The prestigious Engineer of the Year Award and the identification of significant Engineering Achievements in the Country are included amongst them.

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International Recognition of Local Engineers

As Engineers want to be recognised by other countries and benefit from international recognition.  SPE has formed an alliance with other similar bodies around the world. The alliance is growing daily. SPE is the only recognised body for Engineers World Wide.

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Engineers in Business Leadership Roles

Engineers traditionally have complained about their minimal participation in corporate leadership.  Engineers have vision and this must be utilised together with business development training, to encourage them to be the leaders of the future.

ISPE identifies role models and invites their participation in forums which motivate other Engineers.

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Improving the Remuneration of Engineers

ISPE actively promotes equitable remuneration for Engineers.  When seen in the light of other professions, this aspect requires the Society to address issues such as regulated rates and categories of work for which an Engineering degree and appropriate training are required.  We monitor the market forces at play  recognising where Engineers must moderate the influence of supply and demand.  We participate in a regular salary survey and provide guidance to members.

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Engineers Career Register

Professional Engineering Placements

ISPE recognised that none of the Engineering Institutions have the infra-structure to handle the job applications from Engineers, or enquiries from Employer bodies.  ISPE has accordingly established a process with Professional Engineering Placements to handle the placement of Engineers in the job market World Wide.  ISPE assists the Department of Manpower in South Africa  assessing the need for immigrant and ex-patriate Engineers to ensure that, where possible, Local South African are utilised in South Africa first.

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Continuing Education

It is said that the half-life of an Engineering graduate's applicable knowledge is as short as 5 years.  In the technical arena the Institutions should be addressing this.  ISPE is concerned that the aspect of the continued professional development is not taking place and as such is putting into place a system to monitor the continued professional development of engineers.  In areas such as management, finance, law and human relations, ISPE identifies the necessary supplementary education together with educational organisations.  We realise the need for Engineers to influence all walks of life.  For this they must be prepared.

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Consulting  - Mediation & Arbitration Rates

As a Guide line the Published Rates per Hour are as shown below. The Rate you will be charged is decided by the Society Director and is  dependant on the assignment and the duration of the assignment. Currently the Average charged is R 1200-00 ( Twelve hundred Rand ) per Hour.

A 14% ( fourteen percent  ) Levy and Surcharge is added to the total fees bill to cover a large range of costs such as fax / email / telephone costs, photo copies, administration ollection and accounting costs / fees and Contingency costs etc.

Please give our offices a call to discuss your requirements


Published Rates

Full Copy of Board Notice 192 of 2010
Engineers fees for 2011 - Free download

Professional Engineering Placements Fees

Professional Engineering Placements ( PEP ) is a separate organisation situated at

The Placement fee is 14% ( fourteen percent ) of cost to company. No other fees are payable.




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