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NEDBANK - are now running SPE


Nedbank Card Division have refunded a  Professional Fraudster his Application and Pending Membership fees which were forfeited to the Society in terms of Society rules and Constitution, with total disregard to Engineering Profession rules both locally and Internationally , and without any Communication to our Society. The Money has been removed ( STOLEN )  from our Bank account without any notification to the Society. We have a full signed document authorising the Credit Card transaction as shown below. It also confirms the the Applicant abides by the rules of the Society.

This is the first time in my 18 years that this has ever happened to our Society.

We have banked with Nedbank for over 21 years and the Executive Director  being the same person for the last 18 years.

Nedbank card division by their actions clearly Condone Fraud and an acceptable norm in South Africa.

It also indicates that NEDBANK  have a no care attitude to their Customers and in our case they are setting the Rules of Membership of our Society and how the Professional Engineers do Business.

We have no contact Name, or contact Numbers at Nedbank ( as all their business is done via a call centre  )but we have to public via Name and Shame at   and Hollo Peter at to get some action. 

 A major warning to South Africa Banking Clients.

Nedbank are now running the Society of Professional Engineers and have amended our  Constitution and rules to accept Fraudsters and people with false Qualifications, and Nedbank they will give you your money back !



From: SPE []
Sent: 18 July 2011 11:13 AM
To: 'eli amber'
Cc: ''
Subject: RE: Application for proffessional Engineer membership

Dear Sir, 

In order for us to complete your Application and assist you with your problem, we need a complete breakdown on what you have done in the last 25 years in the Engineering Profession. What you faxed to SPE  is very vague and unacceptable for a 25 year period.

Can you give me details of your CPD program for the last 25 years. ( Continued Professional Development ) and the Courses you have attended and the CPD Points earned.  This is now an International requirement.  

The Problem we have is ( A ) nobody has heard of you and your two references donít answer their phones.  ( B ) Your Name on your Application form is Eliahu Amber.  On the one Certificate it is Eliah Amber  and the one on your degree  seems to read Eligalui.  All differ.

Our Professional Body has to be absolutely correct and above reproach in terms of our standing worldwide.

Your only Reference from Haggie is 25 years old and can not be contacted.

Please give me a complete breakdown of your Engineering Experience and the projects your have worked on with Contactable references.

Please also give me a Copy of your South African ID.  

Many thanks,




From: Michael [mailto:mhosking@profession
Sent: 19 July 2011 10:37 AM
To: 'ispepresident@professionale
Cc: 'eli amber'
Subject: FW: Application for proffessional engineers membership

Dear John,

Attached please find the application form of Eliahu Amber. His registration with the Old S A Council is dated 1975 and there is no record of this and he  has not paid for 25-30 years. He Cannot  Explain his Employment or Engineering Experience  since 1986 Ė a gap of 25 years. Please send it to the Review Board and advise me further. 




From: SPE [mailto:spe@professionalen
Sent: 22 July 2011 10:00 AM
To: 'eli amber'
Cc: 'ispepresident@professionalengi
Subject: RE: Application for Professional Engineer membership


Dear Sir, 

We wish to refer to your Application to the Society for Professional Engineers dated 14th July 2011. 

We also refer to various emails and Telephone calls about the completion of the Application form and the additional Information required by us as shown in our email dated the 18th July 2011( see below ) . 

Based on the information given, it is with regret that your Application has been turned down.

We would also advise you to return the Certificate  No. 750363 from the South African Council for Professional  Engineers to us for shredding.  You should have returned it issuing body when you stopped paying your fees 25 years ago.. 

We would also advise you not to sign any Engineering Drawings, based on the vague Information you have supplied us with. 

Should you wish to forward to us a complete and very detailed CV with documented proof of your Engineering experience, we will look at your application again. Your Application Fees have been forfited to the Society in terms of Society Rules.

Yours faithfully, 


From: CISGROUP [mailto:cisgroup@professionalen
Sent: 23 September 2011 03:43 PM
To: 'blacklisting@professionalen
Cc: 'worldlisting@professionalen
Subject: URGENT NOTICE - Mr Eliahu Amber Iraq born SA ID no : 4601165050080


Mr Eliphu Amber of 2 Valley Road West Westcliff Johannesburg ID No 4601165050080 Submitting documents Possession of false Documents and Certificates including a Certificate no 750363.


This is Clearly Fraud and affects all the Members of the Society, and Engineers World wide. He also has no employment record from 1986 and his references are not contactable. We have opened a case against him. His details will be published on the international web site and his name will be registered with Google. His fees have been forfeited to the Society in terms of Society rules,

Please. advise all concerned.




John Fisher

Listing Manager





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