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Established in 1989 from the origins of the Engineering Association of South Africa ( EASA ) established in 1942

and the South African Association of Engineers  (SAAE ) of 1898 and also incorporating the

Federation of Societies of Professional Engineers.

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August 2018


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Members who have not paid their Membership fees as a 1st June 2017 which were due on the 1st January 2017 will have their Membership Suspended and listed on our site.

It has come to our attention that default members are claiming to be members of the Society of Professional Engineers on Linkedin and when applying for New positions. We are also being Contacted by Telephone daily to Confirm Members Registration.




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The late Dick Davidson

An Old Mechanical Engineer known to me for the last 50 years and longer to my family was laid to rest at the age of 102. He was the Chief Engineer of Anglo American for 47 years and retired from Anglo American in 1979.

One of his proudest achievements came after his retirement when he was asked to design and project manage the Gold Reef City project and was also responsible for all gold mining aspects of the project.

He was a lay preacher in the Methodist Church for 49 years.

Well done my dear Old friend you served the Engineering Profession Professionally and well.



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