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+  The star next to a name represents a deceased Person

Presidents of SPE

Ir. Ron A. Heydenrych - December 1992

Ir. J.P.Burdes January 1992-2000 

Ir. C.D.Reay  - January 2001 to July 2001

Ing.P.Eur M.D.Hosking July 2001 - 2006

Ing.P.Eur W. (Bill) Stewart 2006 - To Date


Directors of SPE

Ir. P. Scribante - 1/11/1989 to 31/09/1991
Ir. C.D. Reay - 1/10/1991 to 31/3/1993
Ing.P.Eur. MD Hosking - 1/04/1993 to Date*

 * Now CEO of International Professional Engineers

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Fellows of SPE

Life Fellow - Ir. J.P. Burdes
Life Fellow & Royal Academy - Dr. AC. Liebenberg

Life Fellow Ing.P.Eur. Michael D. Hosking B.Eng

Fellow SPE Ir. Chris Donald Reay


of the Year

1991    Ir. Dr. Ian McRae
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Eskom

1992    Prof. Ir.  HC (Christo) Viljoen
Vice Rector, Stellenbosch University

1994     Ir. Dave Brink
Chief Executive of Sankorp Ltd, Chairman ABSA Bank and Chairman of Murray and Roberts,

1995    Dr. Bill Venter
Chairman Altron Group & Chairman CSIR.

1996    Gary Bell
Chief Executive Officer, Bell Equipment.

1997    Ir. Rob Barbour
Chairman and Managing Director of Alusaf Limited

1998    Dr. Geoff Garrett
 President and Chief Executive Officer CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research)

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Christopher Donald Reay  - 31st  July 1942 – 26th April 2017

Announcement by the Society of Professional Engineers

Awarded Fellow posthumously



Christopher Donald Reay  - 31st  July 1942 – 26th April 2017

 Michael house 1956 – 1959

University of the Witwatersrand 1960- 1964 B.Sc  ( Mechanical Engineering )

Massachusetts Institute of Technology   ( MIT ) 1982

Member of the Society of Professional  Engineers  MSPE

Professional Engineer PrEng

(Hon. FSAIMechE),

The Engineering Profession has lost one of its most committed and influential members, Christopher Donald  Reay , who passed away tragically at his home in Cape Town on Wednesday, 26 April 2017.

 He is survived by his wife, Sharon, his 5 children, Nicky, Georgie,  Jancie,  Savannah, Sheldon and 6 grandchildren.

His services to the Society of Professional Engineers extended over 25 Years.

Chris’ service to SAIMechE and the engineering profession stretched over four decades, from his service on Branch committees to more than thirty years’ service as a member of Council.  

Chris participated at the highest level in SAIMechE, holding the office of President during the 1990-1991 Council year.   

His father was SAIMechE President during the 1948-1949 Council year,  giving them the distinction of being one of only two successive generations to have held this office in SAIMechE.

His influence was felt across most of the profession, from schools to universities to graduates and fellow professionals.  Many colleagues have commented on his passion for pertinent professional issues, and for holding all around him to the highest standards of integrity and commitment. 

Chris is probably most well known in modern times for his regular column “An Engineer’s View”.

We will all miss Chris and, as the Director of the Society of Professional Engineers, it is an honour for me to announce that the Board of the Society has awarded 

FELLOW - Posthumously to Christopher Donald Reay.

Signed :

 Ing.P.Eur. Michael D. Hosking  B.Eng  Executive Director  Society of Professional Engineers




SPE has a long and recorded History

The picture was taken at Eskom's Megawatt Park


The Founding Fellows of SPE reads like a Who's Who. The Above picture was taken at Eskom's Megawatt Park

Dr Charles Liebenberg Chairman of Liebenberg and Stander -  Ir. Barry Lessing CEO Spoornet -  Prof. Hugh Hanrahan Head of Department Wits -  Dr Bingle Kruger Chairman and MD  BKS Consulting Engineers -  Dr Ian McRae CEO Escom -  Ir. Dawid Mostert CEO Dorbyl -  Ir. Theo van Robbroeck DG Department of Public Works -  Prof. Christo Viljoen Dean of Engineering Stellenbosch and Chairman of SABC Board -  Prof Geoff Blight Dean of Engineering Wits University -  Ir. Arthur Clayton Chairman S.A.Roards Board -  Ir. Dr. Marius de Waal Chairman of Iscor and Transnet - Ir. Colin Fenton Dep. Chairman and MD of Goldfields -  Ir. Ferdie Geyer Chairman and MD of GH Marais -  Dr David Jacobson Executive Director of Technology of Altron -  Prof Alan Kemp Head of Department Wits University -  Ir. Braam le Roux Senior General Manager Spoornet -  Prof Jan Malherbe Dean of Engineering University of Pretoria -  Prof Joahn Martin Head of Dept University of Cape Town -  Ir. Mike Myburgh Group General Manager of Transnet -  Ir. Bob st Leger Project Counsellor for Mosgas -  Ir. Peter Thompson Chairman and MD Ninham Shand - Ir. Gert van der Veer CEO of South African Airways -  Prof Daan van Wyk  Director of Energy Laboratory of RAU -  Ir. Willem van Wyk MD of Iscor


Other of Top Engineers who were Captains of Industry and SPE Members and Engineers of the Year. 

Prof. Dr. Geoff Garrett, President and Chief Executive Officer CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Ir. Bob Pullen (President ECSA - Engineering Council of South Africa)

Ir. Rob Barbour, Chairman and Managing Director of Alusaf Limited,

Ir. Dave Brink, Chief Executive of Sankorp Ltd, Chairman ABSA Bank and Chairman of Murray and Roberts.

Prof. Ir.  HC (Christo) Viljoen, Vice Rector, Stellenbosch University.


Prof. Hugh Hanrahan ( In Circle )


 Prof. Hugh Hanrahan of ECSA . All our Founding Documents and agreements will noe be published.


Please visit the site later to view documents.  HUGH HANRAHAN ECSA  Click to visit


ECSA / Hugh Hanrahan

had a story Published in the Slander Publication Nose Week after the Director of SPE had Exposed ECSA of publishing false membership figures which had been Inflated by 100%

Hu Hanrahan was a Founding fellow of SPE, who had his Membership cancelled by SPE in 1995





Engineers Embossing Press Die and Seal

Before ECSA ( Engineering Council ) or the Council of Professional Engineers ( SACPE ) existed, all Engineering Registrations and Memberships were controlled by the S. A. Engineering Association,( EASA )  which later became the Society of Professional Engineers.

The picture shows the Embossing Press seal and die which was used to stamp every Engineering certificate in South Africa prior to ECSA and SACPE.




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