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The Executive Director of SPE Ing.P.Eur. Michael Hosking attended the first Engineers' Convention as a guest of honour of Prof José Medem President of WFEO and Prof. Dr. Ing. Hubertus Christ, President of VDI.

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Germany Hosts First Engineers' Convention 

Technical innovations and engineering expertise have a considerable influence on preserving the environment intact along with optimising the judicious use of the world resources.  

The Engineering profession has, therefore, a definite role to play  towards building the society at large and also has an immense responsibility for guaranteeing acceptable living conditions for the human race on our planet.  Nearly 3500 experts in various fields of engineering and technology along with prominent leaders of various walks of life, including the captains of industry, research establishments and professional institutions and academia, attended the Convention and actively participated in its success.  This huge gathering of learned professionals addressed the details of problems of diverse nature and suggested the remedial measures to be taken by the profession in curbing those problems and thereby upgrading the living conditions of the human race on the globe.  This Congress provided a platform for the technical community of the world to discuss and analyse the recommended solutions and visions of engineers and technologists on key issues pertaining to the future of mankind.  Under the Central EXPO theme "Mankind - Nature - Technology" the  broad areas, namely (i) information and communication; (ii) environment, climate, health; (iii) mobility; (iv) energy, and (v) future of work were discussed in depth by the participants.

The Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler Chrysler AG, Mr Jürgen E Schrempp, delivered his speech at the opening ceremony of the Convention where he dealt with the topic 'energy for the future'.

The President of the World Bank, Mr James D Wolfensohn, presented (in absentia) a thought-provoking lecture where he called upon the entire engineering community to think seriously for the welfare of poor people.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr Ing Hubertus Christ, President of VDI, The Association of Engineers, Germany, spoke on the central theme where he highlighted the major areas, namely (i) the responsibility of engineers in society (ii) the method for handling the challenges of technology, and (iii) the global lack of qualified engineers and natural scientists.

Richardo Diez-Hochleitner, President of the Club of Rome and Chairman of the International Advisory Board, EXPO 2000 Hanover, in his address, remarked that the Sustainable Development in the true sense would always look for answers to the questions that promote the creation of the greatest possible material and social prosperity for everyone.

The organisers of this great technical event feel that the basic philosophy of organising this mammoth activity has properly been understood by each and every participant who attended.  The organisers further believe that these enlightened participants would make use of their good offices to propagate the message of this Convention amongst those who have not attended this great technical activity held recently.


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