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Prof Roy Marcus suspended for Fraud


Prof Roy Marcus suspended for Fraud


Cape Town - The University of Johannesburg (UJ) on Monday denied suspending two senior council members over alleged fraud, involving a reported R25m, at a commercialisation unit.

"They have not been suspended. They stepped down," said UJ spokesperson Herman Esterhuizen.

The Sunday Independent reported that UJ council chairperson Professor Roy Marcus and deputy vice-chancellor of finance Jaco van Schoor had been suspended with pay over allegations that they syphoned the money from the unit for their own business.

It is understood the claims were raised at a recent UJ council meeting.


According to the report, Marcus and Van Schoor allegedly abused their executive powers by channelling some of the funds from a solar project into Innovative Investment Corporation (IIC), a Sandton-based company they hold shares in.

According to Who's Who, this company, led by Marcus, focuses on commercialising opportunities in the food, energy and water sectors.

Esterhuizen said, when the claim surfaced, the two opted to step down for a forensic investigation to be carried out.

They would receive their pay and benefits during the probe. He would not confirm what the two were being accused of, or confirm that R25m was involved.

The university's commercialisation unit was set up to provide a third stream of income through the patenting and licensing of inventions.

Universities currently receive funding from the government and from direct payments from students who do not qualify for fee-free education.

The Fees Must Fall movement, in 2015, won to a fee freeze for 2016 and a maximum increase of 8% for 2017, so universities are increasingly searching for other ways to make money to cover rising costs.

The University of Johannesburg becomes the owner of its employees' inventions. Inventors have the right to one-third of the net revenue resulting from the commercialisation of their inventions.

In the meantime, Chamber of Mines president Mike Teke has been appointed the acting chair of the council, and Nolwazi Mamorare will be the acting deputy vice chancellor of finance.

Comments from the two, who stepped down, was not immediately available.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) student command at UJ expressed concern over the allegations.

"The money could have gone to many things to help students," they said. The students said an external investigation by police was also required so that a very strong message against corruption could be delivered.


Member Suspended : Unprofessional and Dishonest Conduct
Ir  Ronald William Parker   ID 4906115065108   Member No 6218 BSc Civil Engineer PrEng Wits No 7700267
Ir  Frank Michael Eckard   ID 5811305004009 Member No 6504  BSc Mechanical Eng PrEng Natal 830523
Ir Marius Engelbrecht                                          Member No 0412  PrEng 800342
Ir  D. Strydom                                                     Member No 4644 Pr Eng 740052
Ir JD Janse van Rensburg                                     Member No 3081 PrEng 850555
Ir Ian Joint  date of Birth 21-03-1966                  Member No 14753 M Eng RAU
Ir . Le Roux                                                         Member No 2756  PrEng 820521  
Ir Alex Rooney                                                    Member No 6320 PrEng  880619
Ir T.E.Mackenzie - Hoy                                       Member No 6235  PrEng 840428
Ir P.J.Malan                                                        Member No 0888 PrEng No 790462
Ir C.D.Myburgh                                                  Member No 0922   PrEng No 785319
Ir A.J.Du Toit                                                     Member No 0720    PrEng  No 900001
Ir L.C.Mattioda                                                  Member No 6217    PrEng No 860461
Ir SP Roodt                                                       Member No 4343     PrEng No 825233
Ir MS Hemingway                                             Member No 6032     PrEng No 790404
Ir D van Maarleveld                                          Member No 3317    PrEng No 86081
Ir C.F.Schoombie                                             Member No 2813     PrEng No 910451
Ir DJE Rademeyer                                            Member No  2867
Ir J P D Gerber                                                 Member No 6370 PrEng No 870644
Dr G H Backdenberg                                        Member No 0559 PrEng No 985004
Ir R D Cole                                                       Member No 0394
Ir HJ Koch                                                        Member No 6592
Ir J T Krajewski                                                Member No 3184  PrEng No 850458
Ir T Coetzee                                                      Member No 4510   PrEng 850134
Ir DAC Browne                                                 Member  No 6313     PrEng 910388
Ir JMP Grove                                                    Member No 1809      PrEng 825338
Ir Dr M J Gouws                                               Member No 1809     PrEng 760141
Ir J  Member No 0522     PrEng
Ir J de Kock                                                     Member No 3610     PrEng No 950093
Ir RC Gould                                                      Member No 1980    PrEng No 820514
Ir WR Hanekom                                                Member No 2367    PrEng No
Ir JEF Esterhuizen                                              Member No 3214    PrEng No 844354     
Ir P Rossouw                                                     Member No 0993
Ir A D Engelbrecht                                             Member No 2441 PrEng No 880524
Ir A J von Wielligh                                              Member No 6491 PrEng No 710051
Ir B B van Zyl                                                      Member No 6188 PrEng No 810460
Ir HB Barnard                                                      Member No  3181 PrEng No 870444


Ir IRJ Koekemoer                                              Member No 4297    PrEng No 925141
Ir J C Odendaal                                                Member No 0247      PrEng No
Ir A.J.van Rooyen                                             Member No 6155      PrEng No 860082



Member Suspended : Unprofessional Conduct

Ir Alan Richard Keen ID No 5006225058108  -  Membership No 6228 - Pr Eng No 770094

B Sc University of Cape Town - Senior Electrical Engineer of WSP Building Services Africa Waterfront Cape Town.   


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