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BID (Germany)



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SPE London (UK)



(Above - Left) Nancy Burdes (wife of SPE SA President, John Burdes), Dick Rollings (President SPE London), John Burdes (President SPE SA), Peter Lancaster (Secretary SPE London) Above - (Right) JP Burdes (President SPE SA) and Dick Rollings (President SPE in London)

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 BID Germany

The Director of SPE Ing.P.Eur. Michael Hosking and the President of BID Germany, Prof Hans Schapers.

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(International Union of Professional Engineers)

UIDIP stands for the Union Internationale des Ingenieurs Professionels or in English, the International Union of Professional Engineers,  which is based in Europe. SPE (South Africa and UK), BID Germany have had various meetings in Europe with regard to UIDIP the International Union of Professional Engineers). 

Board Members of UIDIP at their meeting in Haan outside Dusseldorf - Germany

Below we have some photographs from various meetings that we have had with regard to UIDIP.




Michael Hosking (Executive Director SPE South Africa)
and Jean Claude Sauer (President UIDIP)



(Above Left) : Prof Schapers (President BID - Germany) and Jean Claude Cousin Sauer (President UIDIP)   
(Right) : Michael Hosking (Executive Director SPE South Africa)
and Prof Schaphers (President BID)    

Left :  Mr Graham Turner (President of  SPE UK) and Jean Claude Cousin Sauer (President - UIDIP)

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