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Membership of SPE

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Types of Membership

Honorary & Life
Fellow :

Each Honorary/ Life Fellow is elected by Council in recognition of exceptional contributions to the Profession or the Society.  Each person being considered for nomination as an Honorary Fellow shall be sponsored by a member of Council who shall prepare a written report for the grounds of such an election which shall be considered and approved by Council before election takes place.  Not more than two in one year.  An  Honorary / Life  Fellow need not be a graduate or professional engineer, but shall be actively engaged in the engineering profession for a minimum of 20 years. It is for a period of 5 years and can be renewed by the Society.

Fellow :

A Fellow is an engineer who when elected is actively involved in his career and is considered by Council to have achieved eminence in that career.

Members from the old EASA membership who held the grade of Fellow shall continue holding the grade of Fellow providing that the fees are paid to date.

Membership :

Honorary Memberships are awarded to non engineers for outstanding achievements, in the Engineering profession.

Membership :

Members who have reached the age of 65 years or have been a member in good standing for 30 years and in the View of Council should be given Life membership Status.  Members are able to purchase a Life Membership and should discuss this with the Executive Director.

Membership :

A retired  member is a member who has retired from substantive employment in engineering but who wishes to maintain links with the Society.

Membership :

All members who do not fall under the Honorary, Fellow, Life, Retired or Student member category.  These members are fully paid up members of the Society with their Pr.Eng. (Professional Qualification) or 4 year Graduate Degree.  

Council shall consider and ratify the acceptance of each new Member in terms of the Societies requirements for membership.

Twinning Agreements are also in place and should be discussed with the Director.

Membership :
  Students who have completed 2 years at University may apply for student membership and must convert this to full membership within 5 years.

Suspended or

   Membership :

All Suspended or Blacklisted Members have been transferred to the International Listing in the USA.

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Membership Application Form

If you would like to become a member of the Society for Professional Engineers, please go to our SPE Application form page  Your application for membership must be accompanied by the current years membership fees and your relevant certificates [e.g.. Degree(s), Pr Eng certificate and certificates from any other organisations].  

These certificates must be stamped as original copies by a Commissioner of Oaths.   Once we have received your application for membership together with the relevant information your application will be submitted to our Council for approval.  You will receive notification of acceptance by post.  This includes a letter stating your new membership number, your Membership Certificate and Gold Card. Any false information or certificates given by the applicant will result in his full fees which have been paid being forfeited and may result in criminal charges being laid against the Engineer. Automatic Blacklisting will be recorded against the persons name.



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What is Ir. ?


This prefix is specially reserved for FULLY PAID UP SPE MEMBERS, who are registered as Professional Engineers with the Engineering Council of South Africa.  Ir. is registered with the Registrar of Trademarks and is the Society's exclusive property.



SPE Member Certificate



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Fee Structure

The Society's Financial Year runs from January to December.  (A calendar year).

The current membership fees are as follows (January to December 2018 )

Full Member  :  


Retired Member  : 


Student Member  : 

                                       International Affiliation with ISPE :  R360.00
                                                      Re Joining Full Member  :


plus from the 25th January 2010

Joining and Admin fees

Full Member  :  


                   Full Member from Certain Universities :  R1450.00  ( up to this amount to check Qualifications )

Other Grades  :  


                                           Re Joining Full Member  :  R 280.00

Late Payers of Fees   :  



Please note that if you are not a fully paid up member of SPE, you are not entitled to use our benefits.


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Types of Fee Payments

The  Society for Professional Engineers.  

Payment Methods : 



 A . Deposit into our Bank Account by EFT. We do not accept Cheques.

Request Details for Security Reasons






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