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MD Hosking (Executive Director - SPE)  - reading letters received from Students looking for information on Engineering and training.

The Executive Director of SPE dealing with thousands of letters from previously disadvantaged learners wishing to enter the engineering profession.  Unfortunately most of them have not had guidance as to what subjects are needed and the correct standards or grades required for university entrance.

Various articles and letters of appeal to Captains of Industry, have not brought forth the anticipated support.

Foreign governments appear to be disinterested in giving bursaries for engineering and science students and concentrate on giving help to students studying the social sciences.

We continually try to educate the powers that be to realise that engineers are creators of wealth and that the successful countries around the world have reached their positions because of the powerful influence of engineering.

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Camborne School of Mines visits SPE Offices

The Late Dr Victor Phillips who is the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Exeter and Chairman of the Camborne School of Mines, visited the offices of the SA Society for Professional Engineers. 



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