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Established in 1989 from the origins of the Engineering Association of South Africa ( EASA ) established in 1942

and the South African Association of Engineers  (SAAE ) of 1898 and also incorporating the

Federation of Societies of Professional Engineers.

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March 2018


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Members who have not paid their Membership fees as a 1st June 2017 which were due on the 1st January 2017 will have their Membership Suspended and listed on our site.

It has come to our attention that default members are claiming to be members of the Society of Professional Engineers on Linkedin and when applying for New positions. We are also being Contacted by Telephone daily to Confirm Members Registration.




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Member Suspended : Unprofessional Conduct

Ir Alan Richard Keen ID No 5006225058108  -  Membership No 6228 - Pr Eng No 770094

B Sc University of Cape Town - Senior Electrical Engineer of WSP Building Services Africa Waterfront Cape Town.   



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      Prof Roy Marcus         suspended for Fraud


Current Position in South Africa

We don’t have one Professionally Qualified person at the head of any Technical Organisation in South Africa, all of which have collapsed.

As the Executive Director of the Professional Engineers ,it makes me furious when I see every State Organisation destroyed , when I know that The Society of Professional Engineers up until 1994 had a Top Professional Engineer at the head of every organisation, as follows :

Ir Dr Charles Liebenberg Chairman of Liebenberg and Stander -  Ir. Barry Lessing CEO Spoornet -  Prof. Hugh Hanrahan Head of Department Wits - Dr Bingle Kruger Chairman and MD  BKS Consulting Engineers -  Dr Ian McRae CEO Escom -  Ir. Dawid Mostert CEO Dorbyl -  Ir. Theo van Robbroeck DG Department of Public Works -  Prof. Christo Viljoen Dean of Engineering Stellenbosch and Chairman of SABC Board -  Prof Geoff Blight Dean of Engineering Wits University -  Ir. Arthur Clayton Chairman S.A.Roards Board -  Ir. Dr. Marius de Waal Chairman of Iscor and Transnet - Ir. Colin Fenton Dep. Chairman and MD of Goldfields -  Ir. Ferdie Geyer Chairman and MD of GH Marais -  Dr David Jacobson Executive Director of Technology of Altron -  Prof Alan Kemp Head of Department Wits University -  Ir. Braam le Roux Senior General Manager Spoornet -  Prof Jan Malherbe Dean of Engineering University of Pretoria -  Prof Joahn Martin Head of Dept University of Cape Town -  Ir. Mike Myburgh Group General Manager of Transnet -  Ir. Bob st Leger Project Counsellor for Mosgas -  Ir. Peter Thompson Chairman and MD Ninham Shand - Ir. Gert van der Veer CEO of South African Airways -  Prof Daan van Wyk  Director of Energy Laboratory of RAU -  Ir. Willem van Wyk MD of Iscor

They were all highly Qualified Engineers and Fellows of the Society of Professional Engineers, and it reads like a Who’s Who 

I find It very sad in my position with the Professional Engineers seeing the destruction of South Africa.


The Eskom Disaster was caused by Eskom - Engineering Council   (ECSA ) and The South African Government  Click to Read

The South African Post Office is in a complete shambles.


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